Since not every dog is suited to breed with, we carefully choose the bitch and male dog we use based upon pedigree and actual info which is available on the chosen dogs.

We try to breed well balanced companion dogs who meet the breeding standards.

Our dogs have been tested on hereditary deseases and do have the necessary certificates needed.  (eyes, hips, hart)






When the puppies  are between 7 to 8 weeks, they can go their new owners.


At age of 6 weeks the puppies will be vaccinated, DNA taken, un-worming being done, they get a chip number and are  examined by a veterinary and get an European dogs passport.


AT 7 weeks the pups will be tested on their character by Danny Gorsemans, a behavior  therapist (www. With this information, we will search, together with the new owner, to find the most suitable puppy for their family.

Between 6 and 7 months the pedigrees from Sint- Hubertus will be received by us. We want to hand over these documents to the owners, eventually together with a treatment of the coating, cutting the nails, learn how to brush… for free.


After selling the puppies , we also want keep in touch with our new owners and occasionally  we would like receive pictures and some notes so we can follow up on how the puppies grow up.  We are always happy to help you if you need  some advise!  If you are interested in taking part of a beauty contest, you can always count on us to help you out!



If you need more information on the dogs or the availability of pups, you can mail or call us at:


tel nr:  00 32 14 557359